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Coachella Valley League Tennis
Contact: Donna Ringer
Area League Coordinator
760.772.9884 Phone | 760.360.3572
Email: donnaringer@msn.com

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Captain's Page

Captains!!! You are THE BEST! Without you the leagues would not be possible. That is why you only pay $3 to register for the team and receive a gift from USTA!

Your Responsibilities are.....

Help with Tennis Link including player registration, reporting scores, finding contact information on other captains, doing research on teams, etc.

Rules, Regulations, and The Code

Tennis Link

Team Registration Form

What happens if my team wins the local league?
Since USTA Leagues are progressive your team will be invited to play at Area Playoffs and/or Sectionals. You will be expected to show up for post season play with a full team. A firm commitment to attend Playoffs/Sectionals must be made by the team immediately after winning the Local League Championship. No line may be defaulted. If you can not field a full team then you must notify your coordinator as soon as possible who will then invite the second place team to go in your place.

At Playoffs or Sectionals you will receive Local League Awards. Expect to play two matches in one day. Your schedule and other pertinent information will be posted on the SCTA website. Please check it often by going to www.scta.usta.com.If you win Sectionals your team will be invited to play at the USTA League National Championship. Your team will be expected to pay a fee to attend the National Championship.