Captain’s Responsibilities

Welcome captains! You are a very important part of league tennis.  Thank you for being a captain!

Below are some of your responsibilities as the captain:

Enter your team to play in the Coachella Valley USTA Leagues by submitting a Team Registration Form.  Use the link below to submit your Team Registration Form and then look for your team ID, registration number and registration instructions in your email.

Captains register for the Captain’s Team (which has a different Team ID number than your team) and the league fee will be waived although you still pay the $3 Internet fee.  The Captain’s Team Registration Number will be provided when you submit the Team Registration Form.

Give the Team ID number to your teammates so they can register for the team on Tennis Link (don’t mail in renewals or new memberships to USTA because it takes too long).

If you need help with Tennis Link there are  tutorials available. Contact Donna for help at

Your match schedule will be available on Tennis Link ( When your schedule has been published be sure to give a copy to your facility to guarantee courts for your home matches.

Be sure to call or email the opposing captain a few days before the match to confirm time and place of match and anything else that pertains to the match.  If you email the captain make sure you get a response.  If not, keep pestering until you make contact.  Also, home captains control the spectators.

Make sure all of your team’s players are registered for the team BEFORE they play a match otherwise it will result in a default.  Registration closes 30 days after the first match or thirty days before the end of the season.

Notify your team early of important dates such as Playoffs, Sectionals, Nationals and pass on important league information to your team such as match format (two sets, regular scoring and a match tiebreak played in place of the third set).  All tiebreaks are Coman Rotation so make sure all your players know how to play the Coman Tiebreak.

Work with other Captains to re-schedule any matches that have to be played; if no agreement can be reached, call your Area League Coordinator who will then assign a date and time.

Print Match Scorecards before the match and trade the Match Scorecard with the other Captain at designated time of match.

In your absence, make sure your Co-Captain or designated Captain is well aware of the Captain’s responsibilities at match time.

The home team provides the match balls and snacks/drinks for their opponents.  If your team is not providing snacks/drinks please tell the opposing Captain during your pre-match phone call.

After the match verify that the scores are correct.  Sign the opposing Captain’s scorecard and make sure he/she signs yours.

The Captain of the team who wins the match  reports the scores promptly on Tennis Link and the Captain of the team who loses the match confirms the scores on Tennis Link within 48 hours. However, any person on the team may report the scores.  If an incorrect score is reported please contact Donna who will make the correction.  Note that in order to report the scores you must be signed into your account on Tennis Link.

Carry a copy of the Rules and Regulations.  They can be very handy at times. Your home facility should also have a copy of the Rules and Regulations.  They can also be uploaded into your phone.


Donna Ringer