Captains are responsible for knowing USTA & SCTA League rules and regulations and should carry a copy to all the matches. All home facilities should have a current copy of the USTA and SCTA League Rules & Regulations.

Captains and players must follow the COVID Guidelines outlined by host facilities.

The home team and home captain control the spectators.

The home team provides the balls for the match.  It is suggested the balls be Penn Championship balls.

If a team cannot attend post season play they must give at least a month’s notice (if at all  possible) to the second place team and notify the Area League Coordinator as soon as possible at coachellavalleyleagues@scta.usta.com.

Monitors (one from each team) may be invited on the court if players need help with calling the lines.  They should stand at opposite ends of the net post.  They are to overrule clear mistakes only on their side of the court and only when asked. Their decision is final.

Captains must carry at least two extra players on their roster which means there must be eight players for a three line league and ten players for a five line league.

Matches that are postponed due to unplayable conditions  must be finished by the last scheduled match of that flight.  If additional time is needed it will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Three line leagues may carry up to sixteen players on their roster.  Five line leagues may carry up to twenty players on their roster.  Mixed Doubles 55 & Over may carry up to eighteen players on their roster.  Mixed Doubles 40 & Over may carry eighteen players on their roster.

Lateness Rules:  If a player or team is more than 15 minutes late they will be defaulted unless the opposing captain wishes to grant them a certain amount of time to appear for their match.

If a flight is determined to be too large for round robin play the flight may choose to hold an unflighted, random draw where the top four teams will move on to the semi-final bracket and then to the Finals.  Or a flight my be subdivided as follows:   names of teams will be placed in a hat and pulled at random.  If a facility has two teams they will be placed in different flights.  At the end of the round robin play the two flight winners will play a one match playoff to determine the Local League Winner or if there are three flights the winners plus the best second place team will enter a four team playoff at the end of the season to determine the Local League Winner.

When six matches are not enough in a seven team league and the captains want to play more matches the top four teams will enter a round robin “playoff”.  This will add three more matches to their schedule.  The teams in 5th, 6th and 7th place will also enter a round robin “playoff”.  This will add two more matches to their schedule.  All matches will count for determining the Local League Winner. 


Updated September 14, 2022