Captains’ Meetings

December 2021 Notes from Captains’ Meetings for 2022 January Leagues 

Dec 2 & Dec 9, 2021 Captains’ Meeting For 2022 Winter Leagues

If you or anyone on your team would like to volunteer to work an elite junior event with SCTA staff on Dec 18 & 19 please let me know.  We could use 3-4 people.

My new USTA SoCal email address is  I still use

Here is the link to 2022 USTA League Regulations (draft).  Note the new rule regarding players who are 70.

Please have six players registered by Dec 20.  The last day to register players for January leagues will be February 1, 2022.

The format for all league matches is two tiebreak sets, regular scoring.  At six games all play a Coman rotation tiebreak (to 7 by a margin of 2).  At one set all play a Coman rotation match tiebreak (to 10 by a margin of 2) in place of a third set.  There is NO COACHING.

55/65 & Over play three lines of combo doubles.

40 & Over plays one line of singles and three lines of doubles.  There is no 4.5+ so 5.0s must play in a 5.0 league.  Half of the roster must be rated at the appropriate  level.  Half of the roster may be below the level. (Example half of a 4.0 roster may be 3.5)

Just a reminder that I need any skip dates and black out dates you might want.  No guarantees on this but I can try.

If a player or team is 15 minutes late for a match they may be defaulted.  If you will be late be sure to call the captain and let them know.  Any player who is late is still entitled to a 5 minute warm up.

The pre-match phone call or communication is required a few days before the match.  This can be a phone call, text or email………..but communicate!  Discuss time of match, location of match, warm up details, snacks, the club’s COVID requirements and anything else that is pertinent to the upcoming match.  At present only Indian Wells Tennis Garden and Palm Springs Tennis Club have vaccine mandates.  Please let me (and other captains) know asap if your club changes their vaccination policy.

Usually home teams make courts available for their opponents  30 minutes prior to match time.  The warm up with opponents should be no longer than 10 minutes.  The HOME team provides the match balls.

Contentious matches may be handled by inviting court monitors on the court… from each team.  They stand at each side of the net post and may overrule or confirm a call if asked.  The monitor closest to the ball makes the call.  Monitos do not call foot faults.

The winning captain enters the scores but anyone on either team may enter the scores as long as they are signed into their account on TennisLink. 

I have players who would like to play so if you need a player please let me know.

I will not start scheduling until after December 20.

Donna Ringer




See the League Page for information on the two fall doubles leagues or contact Donna at

I need your Team Registration Forms by October 2.  We will have a Captain’s Meeting via Google Meet for those captains who want one on October 4th.  Submit your Team Registration Form using the link below:
I will send you a registration number when I receive your form.  Please have six players registered by October 15.   We will start league play the week of October 18th. 



The League Fee is $30

Format is two tiebreak sets, regular scoring.  At six games all play a Coman Rotation Set Tiebreak to 7 by a margin of 2.  At one set all play a Coman Rotation Match Tiebreak to 10 by a margin of 2. There is NO COACHING when using this format.

If you have not done so already please send to Donna ( your club’s blackout dates and your co-captain’s name and contact information.

We usually skip the week after the BNP due to many courts being used by the BNP Senior Cup.  If you play on Thursday there will not be a problem.

Roster limit for 3 line leagues is 18, roster limit for 4 line leagues is 20.

If you are a first year captain ask Donna about a First Year Captains’ Orientation.

Pre-match Phone Call is required at least three days prior to the match.  It can be a text, phone call or email and may be initiated by either captain.  In the call please discuss among other things snacks, warm up courts, match time, any defaults and directions.

Contentious matches are part of tennis.  If the players’ request help then a monitor representing each team should be stationed at each end of the net post.  If players ask for their opinion on a call it must be accepted.

Warm Up after scorecards are exchanged should not be in excess of 10 minutes.

Any captain or player may enter scores.  Scores need to be entered within 48 hours or the match may result in a double default.

Since Head/Penn sponsors league tennis it is suggested that your game balls be Penn Championship balls.

The home team provides the game balls and snacks (optional).

If a player or team arrives 15 minutes late or later they run the risk of being defaulted.  It is suggested that if you are late you should call. The opposing captain may reinstate the match.

Captains, if you need players please let me know.  Or, if you would like to be added to the list of players who would like to play please email me at

Scheduling will occur after the Dec 26 deadline.  Start times will vary according to the team and the needs of the home club.

Please visit for a listing of match days for each league, tips for captains, how to register, how to appeal a rating, etc.