Tennis Link is where you sign into your account, register for your team, find your match schedule, report scores, appeal ratings and find information on teams, scores, players, standings and more. Captains must have an account on Tennis Link.

As a captain you must create an account with USTA or sign into your existing account.

Search for Tennis Link using Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox because Tennis Link works best if you use one of these three browsers.  Log into your existing account or create your account by going to and click on login.  I would suggest that you mark the login page as a favorite because you will use this page often.

From your login page (after you have logged in you will see Welcome, and then your name will be displayed) you will be able to  report scores, check NTRP ratings, access the Team Management Tool, manage your personal USTA account, bring up your team and more.

If you need to change your contact information go to your sign in page and then click on Manage Account which is found in the upper right corner above My Quick Links.

From your sign in page you can also click on APPEAL RATING which is found in the top right corner of the page under your rating.

Put in your name or the Team Registration Number into Stats & Standings to bring up your team on your Team Page.  Once you have your team up on the screen you can click Follow This Team (in right top corner) to create a shortcut. Or, if you signed in and are registered on the team, the team should appear under My Teams on your login page.

From the Team Page (see above how to access the team page) notice the tabs below the team’s name:  Match Summary, Team Summary, Match Schedule, Team Roster, and Captain’s Report. 

To find out who is home and who is away go to your  Match Schedule Tab or you can click on TEAM MANAGEMENT which is under MY QUICK LINKS on your home page to see a condensed version of your schedule.  It will also tell you who is home and who is away.  The secret to using the links and tabs is to be signed into your account on Tennis Lin.

To find contact information on the captains in your flight click the Captain’s Report.  You must be signed into your account before you can access the Captain’s Report. You may also get the captain’s phone number from your match schedule IF you are signed in.

If you click the Match Schedule Tab your schedule will come up and phone numbers of all the captains will be displayed (if you are signed in).  Your match ID is on the left side.  Click the Match ID number and you will have a prompt to enter a score, view a score or print a blank score card (which you must print before the match).

To report a score (job of the winning captain) you must first sign into your account.  You may enter the score one of two ways.  You may enter scores from your login page by locating ENTER SCORES (under Stats & Standings).  If you prefer to deal with scores from your login page you must have the Match ID number to report the score or to confirm the score.  The second and easier way to enter scores is to go to your Team Page and click the Match Schedule Tab.  From there you can click on the Match ID number and enter the score.  Anyone on the team may report a score but they must be signed into their account first.

You cannot correct a score once you have clicked finish.  Call or email me with the match number (on your score card) and the changes needed after you have confirmed the correct score with your opponents.  I will make the necessary corrections.

Also under My Quick Links is the Team Management Tool.  You may use this tool to email your players, send out the lineup, schedule practice matches and check their availability.

If you want to research someone’s record or rating put their name into NTRP Rating or Stats & Standings which is found on your log in page.

There are many ways to do research on Tennis Link so enjoy the hunt.